Chef Anthony Greco’s love for food started early in life, his first memories of food began in his Nonna’s Kitchen where this talented Chef learned the basics of classic Italian cooking. After university he chose to pursue the only thing that really made him happy; cooking. He enrolled at the Niagara Culinary Institute in 2006, and hasn’t left the kitchen.

During his time at the NCI, Anthony not only excelled in the classroom, but he also was selected to represent the NCI in Portugal at a culinary exchange where he cooked alongside Chef Mark Picone for Canadian Embassy officials and Portuguese officials. Chef Anthony’s Niagara Culinary career started while at Hillebrand Estate Winery with Chef Frank Dodd. From there Chef Anthony worked his way throughout some of Niagara’s top Restaurants including; The Mark Picone Culinary Studio, Olson’s @ Ravine Winery, Zee’s Patio & Grill and eventually accepted his first Chef de Cuisine position at Deluca’s Wine Country Restaurant.

The need for a continuous challenge has always been at the forefront of Chef Anthony’s culinary development. These characteristics were no more evident then while Executive Chef at Commisso’s Fresh Foods. Chef Anthony helped develop a department unlike any other in the Niagara Region, focusing on preparing meals and products for the convenience of everyday consumers. The excellence displayed was taken notice throughout the Niagara Region as well as throughout all of Ontario.

Accomplishments included an Iron Chef Niagara Finalist as well as honored with the distinction of being one of Ontario Hostelry’s Top 30 under 30. Chef Anthony has now taken his years of experience to Zest Restaurant and has contributed to the reputation of being one of the top restaurants in the Niagara Region.

He has formed relationships with local farmers and foragers to secure high quality seasonal ingredients showcasing all that Niagara has to offer. Chef Anthony has continued on Zest’s tradition of offering and reinventing guest’s perceptions of contemporary Canadian Cuisine.